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I have twice been able to use Karin’s excellent wig service. The two wigs, already over 5 years old and often worn, lacked volume and grip in the back, which Karin was able to solve by sewing in human hair braids. The wigs are like new and have a very natural look again.
For me, she is the first address when it comes to “restoring” wigs that I have grown to love.

I can also highly recommend Karin’s expertise when buying a new wig. She has the right eye for what suits her customers and what does not.
Thank you Jana

Customer 2

I would like to write to you and thank you once again super super much for the really magical day yesterday!

I am still enchanted and think of yesterday like a wonderful dream. I am infinitely grateful for all the time you took for me. Of course I know “that the bill will follow ;-)” but I was afraid beforehand that it could possibly be “very professional” and that you would only “handle” one of many confused/stray crossdressers/transidentaries routinely. But it was not like that at all yesterday and you had an authenticity that made every answer-seeker feel like they were in the care of a very good friend or sister! That is really unique! My wife took it quite well. She is simply the best! And I think I am finding my way back into my everyday role quite well. Precisely because the experience yesterday was so intense and wonderful, I can draw on it for a long time and it will help me get through the next few months. It was like an intensive holiday for my soul. I would love to book such a day with you again….

Customer S.

Thank you so much for your kindness, I felt fantastic, everything was divine. You made me feel like a woman. The softness of your hands was very beautiful, many times I was about to fall asleep. You guided me very well. Today I ventured to the hotel dressed and made up. I hope to meet nurses next time and make my transition faster. I want to have an operation on my breast. Do you know a good surgeon? Kind regards S.

Customer S.

Dear Karin,

You supported me so wonderfully with regard to my GaOp. You advised me so sensitively in the run-up to the operation and we discussed the methods. You always encouraged me in all phases up to the operation, took away my fears. fears. You were always approachable for me in all phases, when I had I had questions, grief and uncertainty.
Even one day before the operation, in the hospital, I called you. you took a lot of time and you calmed me down, because I was so mega excited and I was really upset. After discharge, you are pretty much left alone when it comes to wound care. you gave me valuable tips and told me how to accelerate the wound how to accelerate the wound treatment medically, and what I should and what I should do and what I must not do. I had fears there too, I was alone, and you calmed me down again. and gave me the confidence that everything would be all right.

Karin, I am so grateful to you for that, you are so wonderful, and that goes far beyond what you already do in your actual portfolio for the sisters. portfolio for the sisters.

With great gratitude

Customer C.

Dear Karin, I wanted to write to you…. I don’t really know how I would like to express it, when I was with you today, I was so overwhelmed and so speechless and I actually had so much going through my head and at first I couldn’t quite find my peace. I have now looked at myself in the mirror for a long time and seen myself with my heart.
You know, when I’m with you and I’m uncertain and doubtful whether I’ll be able to do it all, whether I’ll be happy with myself, whether I’ll find myself, then you simply fetch the stars from the sky for me and make everything easy, so that I always almost have to cry with happiness. It’s just like that. Really. Just beautiful.
You will always keep a big place in my heart. I can only thank you again and again and be happy that you are there. C.

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Kundin NY.

Dear Karin,

The download from the MagentaCloud is running right now. Thank you very much for your words. The change to work tomorrow morning will not be easy (despite the home office). The head (and the heart) are “spinning” … the time/experience was overwhelming … and simply beautiful.
Thank you also for your support, your openness, the wonderful atmosphere, the conversations, the confidence you showed … simply everything. You have created a wonderful protected space/framework … which I hope will live on for a very long time and help many people … brings joy and happy moments.
The bread roll you brought in the evening was perfect, although on days like this I feel more like more outfits, impressions, variations, beautiful accessories etc…
… an eternity 🙂 … written later:
So, the download is now finished … I have been through all the pictures once. They are incredibly beautiful, sensual and precious to me. Already in the preview on the camera I was thrilled … and now in full size. With your direction & photographic work (art/skill) a true “treasure” has been created. I have never looked at myself so intensely / so long as in these pictures (and before in the mirrors with you) and found everything to be just fine.
Many love greetings and another squeeze

N Y.

PS. The ideas/wishes for a new visit are already circling through heart and head ( … and then with less luggage) … e.g. shopping in a dress with jean jacket & co … across the said park-like grounds etc.
PPS. I am amazed at myself how easy it was …. to jump over my shadow … and make my way back to Apartment040 as a woman. An incredible experience.