Hair & Wig Service

Hair & Wig Service by Schwesternzeit

Finest hair for you.

The woman in you – shines through… You are beautiful. For that perfect look.

Hair Style Consultation

Hair Style Consultation

The right hairstyle for you.
Hair is the finishing touch!

Our 2 dozen or so hairstyles in the studio are available for you to try out, for shoots and in the rental service. You can also return the rental hairstyle to schwesternzeit by post within one week. Depending on the purpose of using the hair, we will find the right style for you! We show you that you can rediscover yourself with a new hairstyle and create an attractive feminine identity… Enjoy our beauty services, the carefully adjusted eyebrow correction.

Wig care

Another service in our house is not only the cut of your hair but also the wig care. Suitable wigs that you bring with you will be professionally cleaned, prepared and given a care finish. These tried and tested articles, which prevent matting, are always in stock in the studio. You can either take your hairstyle with you directly after the treatment when you are a guest at schwesternzeit or have it sent to you by post in a timely manner.

The right wig doesn’t pinch or slip and makes you look young and attractive!

The Wig Service

The Wig Service

Hair is a question of personal style

Together we visit A.S. International Hair in the City for this, which is always worthwhile. Among the 3000 hairstyles on site, there is a lot of play, but also your ideal hairstyle! After all, colour and cut should suit your age and face, and look well-groomed and like you’ve grown it. All products (wigs made of synthetic or human hair, eyelashes and accessories) are in stock and we will find out whether you are better off with synthetic or human hair. During a wig fitting session in the mirrored separee, you will develop a feeling for the woman you are at the moment. As we all know, style changes every 7 years at the latest… We have a lot of fun finding out your current style together with you!

Friseurmeisterin Claudia

If you decide on a wig, Karin can shorten the front part on site or in the Atelier schwesternzeit. Depending on the extent of the cut, we will consult our hairdresser Claudia for real hair. We will also explain to you how to care for and style your hair yourself so that you can enjoy this effective investment for a long time! Some health insurances cover a certain amount of money for the transition project and our trade partners AS International can accept these prescriptions. We can also cut your carefully selected hairstyle to fit your face or refurbish it with new braids after 1 to 2 years. Because a lot of perception takes place at eye level!

Sometimes there are five wigs to choose from, but it is often only one hairstyle that really graces you!