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Your female identity

Enjoy your feminine side.

Find your balance!
Body and soul- show everyone
the way you feel inside.
Everything can be

Everyday life en femme

Everyday life en femme
Your Body

Realise your authentic look

Having arrived in the third millennium,
you have a claim and a share in the streetscape
that is coherent for you in every respect.
However, the choice of clothes you wear at work and in your free time is important in order to feel that you belong socially. From a look that is normal for our environment to an elegant or extravagant look, you will receive advice from us that suits your nature & type.This helps you to avoid bad purchases and to look beautiful and convincing.

What suits me?

We answer the question “What suits me?”

and will show you the stylish form for your appearance in your daily life .
For every occasion and every season.
The future cup size may be a little smaller, but we are happy to try this out with you in order to achieve a satisfactory overall appearance in the long term.
Schwesternzeit also make use of your own hair potential and inform you whether a hair transplant could be an alternative. We support you in choosing a wig made of synthetic or human hair and show you the appropriate care so that you can enjoy these effective investments for a long time. Some health insurances cover a certain amount of money for this and our trade partners AS International can accept these prescriptions.
Schwesternzeit can also cut your carefully selected identity hairstyle to your face or recondition it after 1 or 2 years. Because a lot of perception takes place at eye level!

We advise you on which look best suits your authentic self-confidence.

Mastering your everyday life well

Important for your soul

Mastering your everyday life well

An outing like an adjustment needs to be well structured! We help with this and have contacts who will initiate your gender dysphoric assessment into hormone therapy. Five on-site appointments shorten an unnecessary ordeal. According to the new 11/20 guidelines, you are entitled to 12 therapeutic, diagnostic sessions within the current legally prescribed waiting period of at least 6 months to find your way, which is only your own. Your inner gender can be fluid and is self-determined! In order to go through upcoming procedures as positively and unscathed as possible, you will be given the best addresses for the north.

Benefit from the wealth of experience that our community has to offer

Thanks to schwesternzeit’s competent network, you can approach your project swiftly, dignified and effectively. Our collection of experience, helpful tips, collected documents and instructions will maintain your positive energy.
What you feel comfortable with is a process of experience.
We do health and nutrition coaching to support you. We offer training for posture, gait and gestures to revise and break old patterns. Our systemic counselling services also apply to couple conflicts.
Schwesternzeit puts its know-how at your disposal,
to help you find the balance you need for a good, self-determined life.
You can also benefit from the wealth of experience that our community has to offer!

Everyday as a woman

Since the end of the 20th century we have been trained by the BVT*, to provide competent counselling for transgender people.
If required, also in systemic counselling and couple coaching. We can therefore give you important tips and contacts that you need,
to go through it in a goal-oriented way. The current official legal situation, is a topic where we do not leave you alone.
And our knowledge is: inner gender can be fluid and is self-determined! Through our networking you can better master the current challenges for your transition project! schwesternzeit also provides you with the know-how.
Body & Soul concentrates on your individual needs according to the price list a’ 59 €/hr.

We advice in a efficient way!