Photo-shoot staging

FotoShooting by schwesternzeit

Photo Shooting Indoor / Outdoor

Lolita, Diva, Drama – Dreams become reality!

Your Stage

Your Stage

Together with Karin and her colleagues you will undertake a journey of mutual inspiration. We will be guided by the vision of the woman that you yourself feel most at home in: whether it be sexy girl, aristocratic lady or casual girl next door. We explore your repertoire or rummage our own vast stock of requisites in order to create the ideal woman you would like to be for our day together.

There are so many options available to us:

Whether we brave the outdoors in beautiful Hamburg or remain within the privacy and comfort of the schwesternzeit studio..

Your Dreams become Reality

Your Dreams become Reality – with Pictures to prove It!

Karin likes to discuss your wishes in advance.

The realization of an idea

Our professional photo shoots take place with Karin. She and her colleagues complete your styling and make-up.

Should it be an indoor experience or would you prefer to be staged as an attractive woman in an outdoor experience in our lovely city of Hamburg?

We provide you with a range of lovely pictures from your photo-shooting.
They will be professionally carried out
showing your feminine side
and should not require any retouching.
If you still require retouching of particular photos
this can obviously be carried out for a surcharge.
Once finalized you will receive a link
so that you can download your photos in high resolution.

Indoor Photo Shooting – Arrangement 1

Where your photo-shoot idea can best be implemented in an indoor session
then we shoot within the schwesternzeit premises
in various scenes starring you in your role as woman.
Incl. Make-up and photo session.
Takes: ca. 4 hours.

Outdoor Photo Shooting- Arrangement 2

Venturing outside the rooms of schwesternzeit, the city of Hamburg
has countless locations and hot spots which can be used for a fantastic photo shoot.
Karin can arrange the perfect en femme shooting just for you.
Incl. make-up and photo session.
Takes: 4 to 6 hours.

Outdoor Photo Shooting- Arrangement 3

includes make-up, dressing, event, restaurant, nightlife, photo shooting –
all according to your wishes.
We have found that this event and photo tour mixed program is especially popular,
because it is tailored to your own preferences:
make-up, fashion and a trip of your choice,
e.g. shopping, theater, harbor cruise, stroll through Hamburg, restaurant (tickets or meals extra).
Incl. 20 souvenir photos professionally mastered, and lasting approx. 6 to 8 hours