schwesternzeit Fashion Service
Your service for ordering goods€ 10,– plus invoice amount
The dress size service€ 10,–
The change tailoring serviceat cost
Style for rent service€ 10,- / article
Wig care€ 15,-
schwesternzeit Body & Soul Service
BVT* Trans coaching, Systemic couple consulting€ 59,– / hour
schwesternzeit Make-up Service
Make-up for the day ca. 1 hour incl. beard shade cover€ 79,–
Make-up for the night to be a Diva ca. 1,5 hour€ 89,–
Make-up like a Drag ca. 2 hour€ 99,-
Eyebrow correction€ 10,–
Glue artificial fingernails (temp.) & painting€ 15,–
Electrical epilationfrom € 10,–
Workshops (individual Make-up workshop 2 to 3 h, depends on your profession)€ 149,-
schwesternzeit Hair Service
Wig cut (individuelly)from € 20,–
Rental of wig€ 15,- / day
Wig care€ 15,–
Shipping costs€ 5,–
schwesternzeit Photo & Escort Service*
Monday to Friday, individuelly from 10:00 to 18:00 (Photos with your own mobile or camera included)€ 59,– / hour
Discovery day: Make-up, dressing, trip based on your wishes (e.g. shopping, theatre, habor trip, redlight district, restaurant – excl. costs). With more than 20 edited pictures for your memory. Ca. 6 hours€ 329,-
Discovery day: Ca. 8 hours€ 399,-
schwesternzeit Photo Production
Foto shooting with clothes from our pool, hair stayling and make-up with the skyline of Hamburg.
Ca. 6 hours, incl. at least 20 edited images but not beauty retouched for external use.
€ 309,–
Fotoshoot make-up by schwesternzeit€ 79,–
Fotoshoot change of styling€ 15,–
Every edited images
Please ask for discount if you like more pictures edited
€ 35,–
Cleaning fee for clothes€ 10,–
schwesternzeit Shape, Style & Shoot
Indoor incl. Bodyshaping (Aphrodite, Nikki und Jolie)from 299,-
Outdoor incl. Bodyshaping (Aphrodite, Nikki und Jolie)from 359,-
schwesternzeit Indoor- / Outdoor-Experience*
Indoor Photo Shooting – Arrangement 1
4 hours, incl. dressing, make-up and at least 20 pictures for your memory.
€ 259,-
Outdoor Photo Shooting – Arrangement 2
4 to 6 hours, incl. dressing, make-up and at least 20 pictures for your memory.
€ 329,-
Outdoor Photo Shooting – Arrangement 3
6 to 8 hours, incl. dressing, make-up, events, dinner, nightlife (excl. tickets and meal cost).
Plus at least 20 pictures for your memory.
€ 379,-
schwesternzeit Suitcase-Depot Service
For a period of 1 to 6 months€ 25,- / month
For a period of at least 12 months€ 20,- / month
schwesternzeit Event Service
Event Prosecco fee€ 10,- / Person

*Binding registration for the escort service and the indoor experience on condition of 100 Euro deposit by bank transfer.

all prices incl. 19% VAT

Valid from 1st of July 2023