Fashion-Service von Schwesternzeit

See yourself – Feel yourself – Sense your inner self – Feel at ease!

Experience what it is to be a woman and enjoy living your feminine side.
You can do more than you ever thought you could!

The perfect transformation

It’s nice to feel the female charms on your own body by wearing the right clothes… Starting with beautiful lingerie that accentuates your own grown bust, captivating fetishes like those around shoes, to jewellery and stylish outfits…always matching the occasion. There are plenty of all the compelling looks to be found with us.
Fashion designer and taylor Karin will give you expert advice and work with you to create your appearance as a woman. Do you need bodyshaping or tips that you haven’t received anywhere else? We also have the decisive tips if you want to look masculine as a born woman….

How would you look if you were born in the opposite sexual body?

Achieve your authentic look

Realise your authentic look!
The proportion of your feminine facets increases,
so that you are not only a part-time woman,
but want to live as a woman 24/7.
What suits you and what you feel comfortable with
is a process of experience.
We help you realise your authentic look
and show you your potential.
In an appearance that is normal for our society
to an elegant look, you will receive a consultation
that suits your nature and your type.
This helps you to avoid buying the wrong clothes
and makes you look beautiful and convincing.
In bussiness or holidays-
Casual, elegant or special and sexy.

We show you your personal potential!

We use your potential

For us, colour and style consulting is not a matter of chance, but of experience. Karin knows how important a lively and youthful appearance is to trigger positive feelings in your counterpart. Use your potential and get to know your strengths!

Bring your ideas in line with your personal aesthetics and learn with us your perfect styling from Lolita to Diva.

That very special occasion

Working together we can assess your current wardrobe and help you to choose the right clothing for different occasions. Whether you are getting ready for a photo shoot in front of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall or preparing for a date on the famous Hamburg Reeperbahn you will always be perfectly dressed as a woman. Try out and borrow from the comprehensive schwesternzeit requisites. Our wardrobe of clothing is continually growing. You are a unique woman and you won’t know what looks good until you try it.

Realise your feminine side!
Your silhouette optimisation

Let Karin advise you according to your type and realise your femininity. Experience getting a feminine figure and feel the beautiful feeling of embodying your feminine charms. The internet offers many new impulses and we get to know new products first. We recommend only the best according to solid aesthetics. Because only those satisfy! You will be supported by these recommendations as well as those of permanently renowned products from our cooperation partners:

absolutely Special Trade, Kryolan, A.S. International, Transwonder and others.

You will be advised on everything
Take the opportunity and try yourself out

Let us show you the beautiful shaping elements in the studio.
You will find AMOLUX, Aphrodite and other perfecting items for your time as a beuatiful woman.

In Hamburg at atelier schwesternzeit you will find the highlights for TVs and crossdressers from absolutely Special Trade.

Perfect silicone breasts to suit every body in the most tried and tested styles, body shaping products, everything for a wonderfully feminine appearance. We carry everything you want, so feel free to contact us, even if you want to check out an “absolutely special style”.
We are close to the woman and offer the service that supports your feminine wishes and moves you forward. Our experience is available for your individual consultation.

We are happy to show you the things that will best serve you in your transformation into a woman!


Transwonder, the magic bra.
This is how you conjure up a dreamy and natural décolleté.
Karin will recognise your cleavage and recommend the right size.
Of course we can also order the Transwonder for you!

Simple and uncomplicated.

The measuring and ordering service

Would you like to know your exact DOB clothing sizes to avoid further wrong purchases? Karin is at your side with a tape measure and will measure you.

If it is not possible for you to order certain articles from our retail partners to your home, schwesternzeit can do this for you.

We will measure you when you visit us in Hamburg. We will also adapt your ill-fitting clothes to your female silhouette by alteration tailoring. The altered pieces are then sent to you by collection or neutral dispatch.