Customer 2

I would like to write to you and thank you once again super super much for the really magical day yesterday!

I am still enchanted and think of yesterday like a wonderful dream. I am infinitely grateful for all the time you took for me. Of course I know “that the bill will follow ;-)” but I was afraid beforehand that it could possibly be “very professional” and that you would only “handle” one of many confused/stray crossdressers/transidentaries routinely. But it was not like that at all yesterday and you had an authenticity that made every answer-seeker feel like they were in the care of a very good friend or sister! That is really unique! My wife took it quite well. She is simply the best! And I think I am finding my way back into my everyday role quite well. Precisely because the experience yesterday was so intense and wonderful, I can draw on it for a long time and it will help me get through the next few months. It was like an intensive holiday for my soul. I would love to book such a day with you again….