Customer S.

Dear Karin,

You supported me so wonderfully with regard to my GaOp. You advised me so sensitively in the run-up to the operation and we discussed the methods. You always encouraged me in all phases up to the operation, took away my fears. fears. You were always approachable for me in all phases, when I had I had questions, grief and uncertainty.
Even one day before the operation, in the hospital, I called you. you took a lot of time and you calmed me down, because I was so mega excited and I was really upset. After discharge, you are pretty much left alone when it comes to wound care. you gave me valuable tips and told me how to accelerate the wound how to accelerate the wound treatment medically, and what I should and what I should do and what I must not do. I had fears there too, I was alone, and you calmed me down again. and gave me the confidence that everything would be all right.

Karin, I am so grateful to you for that, you are so wonderful, and that goes far beyond what you already do in your actual portfolio for the sisters. portfolio for the sisters.

With great gratitude