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Karin von schwesternzeit

schwesternzeit Fashion Service

  • Your service for ordering goods € 10,- plus invoice amount
  • The dress size service € 10,-
  • The change tailoring service at cost
  • Style for rent service € 10,- / article

schwesternzeit Body & Soul Service

  • BVT* Trans coaching, Systemic couple consulting € 59,- / hour

schwesternzeit Make-up Service

  • Make-up for the day ca. 1 hour incl. beard shade cover € 79,-
  • Make-up for the night to be a Diva ca. 1,5 hour € 89,-
  • Make-up like a Drag ca. 2 hour € 99,-
  • Eyebrow correction € 10,-
  • Glue artificial fingernails (temp.) & painting € 15,-
  • Breasts glue with Hollister / Adhesive Neo € 10,-
  • Electrical epilation from € 10,-
  • Workshops (individual Make-up workshop 2 to 3 h, depends on your profession) € 149,-*

schwesternzeit Hair Service

  • Wig cutting, individual in synthetic and human hair, colouring ect. Mondays by appointment from € 20,-
  • Rental of wig € 15,- / day
  • Wig care € 15,-
  • Shipping costs € 5,-

schwesternzeit Your Desired Programme, Advice & Support Service *

  • Individual hair counselling, care, styling, duration 1-2 hr. € 59,- / Std.
  • Makeover (3 hours) with a rental style, return by appointment. € 170-200,-

Prices staggered according to duration:

  • Wardrobe counselling incl. training material, duration 1-2 hrs.
  • Make-up workshop incl. training material, duration 2-3 hrs.
  • The first time out / the successful everyday test with guaranteed success, duration 1 hr.
  • Shopping consultation with a visit to a café (costs excl.), duration 2-3 hrs.
  • Make-up, dressing, trip based on your wishes (e.g. shopping, theatre, habor trip, redlight district, restaurant – excl. costs). With more than 20 edited pictures for your memory.


  • Ca. 4 hours € 259,-
  • Ca. 6 hours € 329,-
  • Ca. 8 hours € 399,-

schwesternzeit Indoor- / Outdoor Production *

  • Indoor Photo Shooting – Arrangement 1
    4 hours, incl. dressing, make-up and at least 20 pictures for your memory. € 259,-
  • Outdoor Photo Shooting – Arrangement 2
    6 hours, incl. dressing, make-up and at least 20 pictures for your memory. € 329,-
  • Outdoor Photo Shooting – Arrangement 3
    8 hours, incl. dressing, make-up, events, dinner, nightlife (excl. tickets and meal cost).
    Plus at least 20 pictures for your memory. € 399,-
  • Fotoshoot make-up by schwesternzeitFotoshoot make-up by schwesternzeit € 79,- / € 89,-
  • Fotoshoot change of styling € 15,-
  • Every edited images € 35,-
    Please ask for discount if you like more pictures edited
  • Cleaning fee for clothes € 10,-

schwesternzeit Shape, Style & Shoot

  • Indoor incl. Bodyshaping (Aphrodite, Nikki und Jolie) from 299,-
  • Outdoor incl. Bodyshaping (Aphrodite, Nikki und Jolie) from 359,-

schwesternzeit Suitcase-Depot Service

  • For a period of 1 to 6 months € 25,- / month
  • For a period of at least 12 months € 20,- / month

schwesternzeit Event Service

  • Event Prosecco fee € 10,- / Person

*Binding registration for the escort service and the indoor experience on condition of 100 Euro deposit by bank transfer.

all prices incl. 19% VAT
Valid from 1st of March 2024

Body & Soul – Your feminine identity

Body & Soul - Schwesternzeit

Your female identity

Enjoy your feminine side.

Find your balance!
Body and soul- show everyone
the way you feel inside.
Everything can be

Everyday life en femme

Everyday life en femme
Your Body

Realise your authentic look

Having arrived in the third millennium,
you have a claim and a share in the streetscape
that is coherent for you in every respect.
However, the choice of clothes you wear at work and in your free time is important in order to feel that you belong socially. From a look that is normal for our environment to an elegant or extravagant look, you will receive advice from us that suits your nature & type.This helps you to avoid bad purchases and to look beautiful and convincing.

What suits me?

We answer the question “What suits me?”

and will show you the stylish form for your appearance in your daily life .
For every occasion and every season.
The future cup size may be a little smaller, but we are happy to try this out with you in order to achieve a satisfactory overall appearance in the long term.
Schwesternzeit also make use of your own hair potential and inform you whether a hair transplant could be an alternative. We support you in choosing a wig made of synthetic or human hair and show you the appropriate care so that you can enjoy these effective investments for a long time. Some health insurances cover a certain amount of money for this and our trade partners AS International can accept these prescriptions.
Schwesternzeit can also cut your carefully selected identity hairstyle to your face or recondition it after 1 or 2 years. Because a lot of perception takes place at eye level!

We advise you on which look best suits your authentic self-confidence.

Mastering your everyday life well

Important for your soul

Mastering your everyday life well

An outing like an adjustment needs to be well structured! We help with this and have contacts who will initiate your gender dysphoric assessment into hormone therapy. Five on-site appointments shorten an unnecessary ordeal. According to the new 11/20 guidelines, you are entitled to 12 therapeutic, diagnostic sessions within the current legally prescribed waiting period of at least 6 months to find your way, which is only your own. Your inner gender can be fluid and is self-determined! In order to go through upcoming procedures as positively and unscathed as possible, you will be given the best addresses for the north.

Benefit from the wealth of experience that our community has to offer

Thanks to schwesternzeit’s competent network, you can approach your project swiftly, dignified and effectively. Our collection of experience, helpful tips, collected documents and instructions will maintain your positive energy.
What you feel comfortable with is a process of experience.
We do health and nutrition coaching to support you. We offer training for posture, gait and gestures to revise and break old patterns. Our systemic counselling services also apply to couple conflicts.
Schwesternzeit puts its know-how at your disposal,
to help you find the balance you need for a good, self-determined life.
You can also benefit from the wealth of experience that our community has to offer!

Everyday as a woman

Since the end of the 20th century we have been trained by the BVT*, to provide competent counselling for transgender people.
If required, also in systemic counselling and couple coaching. We can therefore give you important tips and contacts that you need,
to go through it in a goal-oriented way. The current official legal situation, is a topic where we do not leave you alone.
And our knowledge is: inner gender can be fluid and is self-determined! Through our networking you can better master the current challenges for your transition project! schwesternzeit also provides you with the know-how.
Body & Soul concentrates on your individual needs according to the price list a’ 59 €/hr.

We advice in a efficient way!

Hair & Wig Service

Hair & Wig Service by Schwesternzeit

Finest hair for you.

The woman in you – shines through… You are beautiful. For that perfect look.

Hair Style Consultation

Hair Style Consultation

The right hairstyle for you.
Hair is the finishing touch!

Our 2 dozen or so hairstyles in the studio are available for you to try out, for shoots and in the rental service. You can also return the rental hairstyle to schwesternzeit by post within one week. Depending on the purpose of using the hair, we will find the right style for you! We show you that you can rediscover yourself with a new hairstyle and create an attractive feminine identity… Enjoy our beauty services, the carefully adjusted eyebrow correction.

Wig care

Another service in our house is not only the cut of your hair but also the wig care. Suitable wigs that you bring with you will be professionally cleaned, prepared and given a care finish. These tried and tested articles, which prevent matting, are always in stock in the studio. You can either take your hairstyle with you directly after the treatment when you are a guest at schwesternzeit or have it sent to you by post in a timely manner.

The right wig doesn’t pinch or slip and makes you look young and attractive!

The Wig Service

The Wig Service

Hair is a question of personal style

Together we visit A.S. International Hair in the City for this, which is always worthwhile. Among the 3000 hairstyles on site, there is a lot of play, but also your ideal hairstyle! After all, colour and cut should suit your age and face, and look well-groomed and like you’ve grown it. All products (wigs made of synthetic or human hair, eyelashes and accessories) are in stock and we will find out whether you are better off with synthetic or human hair. During a wig fitting session in the mirrored separee, you will develop a feeling for the woman you are at the moment. As we all know, style changes every 7 years at the latest… We have a lot of fun finding out your current style together with you!

Friseurmeisterin Claudia

If you decide on a wig, Karin can shorten the front part on site or in the Atelier schwesternzeit. Depending on the extent of the cut, we will consult our hairdresser Claudia for real hair. We will also explain to you how to care for and style your hair yourself so that you can enjoy this effective investment for a long time! Some health insurances cover a certain amount of money for the transition project and our trade partners AS International can accept these prescriptions. We can also cut your carefully selected hairstyle to fit your face or refurbish it with new braids after 1 to 2 years. Because a lot of perception takes place at eye level!

Sometimes there are five wigs to choose from, but it is often only one hairstyle that really graces you!

Make-Up Service

MakeUp-Service by schwesternzeit

The woman in you – shines through…

You are beautiful. Experience this chance.

Make-Up school

The schwesternzeit make-up school

Clothing, hair and make-up make up a coherent overall appearance for you. Often, you need a permanent beard epilation to reduce the amount of work involved; the epilation is only available after an expert opinion. It has to be carried out by a contracted doctor and is covered by the health insurance. However, there are also intermediate solutions such as laser devices for home use or beard shadow coverage with products from Kryolan. As it applies to you, we look for a make-up style that suits you and is feasible in everyday life en femme. We teach you this quick but effective style 1:1 and retrain to optimise your skills. If you need a visual aid, we will find the solutions so that you can implement your daytime make-up quickly and skilfully!

We advise you on which minimal make-up suits you if you live not only partially but always as a woman.

Your feminization

Relax with a careful make-up

With a trained eye and expert hand, Karin and her colleagues conjure youth and beauty into your face. Foundation, contouring, highlights, blending – we know about effects and can teach you these during a 1:1 exclusive course. Shading the eyes is a problem for everyone, we show you a relatively simple but effective way that always works.
Please have a look at our video. The highlights of your feminisation are not only in the careful make-up, but also in the choice of the right hairstyle. Because so much happens at eye level…

Feel alive and beautiful!

Make-Up Workshop

The styling and type consultation

The styling and type consultation

Every woman is unique and deserves an individual consultation.
Which line dresses your body, which make-up suits your hair and skin? The make-up artists at schwesternzeit will show you and work with cosmetic products from:
Kryolan Professional, Dermacolor, Catrice, Manhatten…. All products are in stock and will be matched to your skin type and tone. We will advise you on how to use the products you have brought with you and how to complement them.

Enjoy beauty services that enhance your vibrancy and beauty, such as eyebrow correction and proportion and colour advice.

Make-Up overview

– Daytime Make-up ca. 45 minute
– Evening and Diva Make-up ca. 1.5 hours
– Eyebrow correction
– Glueing artificial nails (temporary)
– Workshops

Logistics Service

Logistic-Service by schwesternzeit

The extended service for ordering and storage

Almost the all-round service for our sisters


Order Service

Is it not possible for you to order certain articles to your home? Then ask us, schwesternzeit can take care of this for you. We will advise you beforehand on all orders, which you can place by arrangement by sending us a link. USA, England, China exclusive. There is a service charge of 10 euros per order from a supplier. Cash payment and collection against invoice is possible, the articles from our trade partners absolutely Special Trade, A.S.International and Transwonder can be ordered from us without a flat order fee. This way, no direct debit appears on your account, or no package attracts any attention.


Your Baggage Depot Service

We can arrange for your luggage to be taken care of. You can use the studio at schwesternzeit as a base and return to undress, totally independent of any make-up session.

Events, Nightlife & Parties

Events mit Schwesternzeit

Your self-perception

Nightlife und Parties in the right company.

Nightlife in Hamburg

A Wonderful Night-time Experience

Life in Hamburg is colorful and queer (pun intended); together with Karin and her team you can meet new friends and you will always be in good company! Be as free and sexy as you want to be; dance, flirt and enjoy what it is to be a woman. To venture out as a woman and show yourself is a wonderful experience whether by day or by night. Check out our list of events and the corresponding price list.

A day at the beach

Nightlife und Parties in the right company.

Before you visit us let us know your wishes and desires – with no obligations – using our specially prepared contact form. The form helps us to prepare your day with us as a woman to best fit your expectations and serves as a guide when developing your desires. Let us explore the wonders of Hamburg together as sisters!

Escort Service

Escort-Service with Schwesternzeit

Our escort service is just that – no more, no less.
One of our most popular services is a photo shooting in downtown Hamburg
during which you are guided and accompanied:

Immerse yourself in the cultural metropolis which is Hamburg.
Be who you are! Experience the new you –
by day or by night.

Schwesternzeit Team

Become a part of schwesternzeit

Karin and schwesternzeit give you the opportunity…

…to feel comfortable and understood,
…to feel well advised and supported.
…to move freely within the studio, just as you are.
…to experience yourself and your beauty as a pearl of Hamburg.

Broaden your horizon in tolerant Hamburg during your stay:

Enjoy your freedom and your life, experience the city and our events in the midst of the transgender communities!

On Tour with schwesternzeit

Your Discovery Day among (girl) friends

If your day belongs to us, then we are at your side as girlfriends or like a sister and will guide you through the wonderful metropolis of Hamburg. We will spoil you with Make-Up, Fashion and any trip which you fancy, e.g. shopping, theater, harbor trip, a stroll through Hamburg’s sights or a restaurant visit. Of course any tickets or meal costs are extra. Your day, including 10 professionally prepared photographs as a souvenir of your special day, for ca. 5-6 hours or for 8 hours. A popular arrangement is a 10 hour day consisting of make-up, dressing, day and evening program with restaurant or theater visit (tickets and catering extra of course), nightlife, photo shoot – all according to your own taste.


Fashion-Service von Schwesternzeit

See yourself – Feel yourself – Sense your inner self – Feel at ease!

Experience what it is to be a woman and enjoy living your feminine side.
You can do more than you ever thought you could!

The perfect transformation

It’s nice to feel the female charms on your own body by wearing the right clothes… Starting with beautiful lingerie that accentuates your own grown bust, captivating fetishes like those around shoes, to jewellery and stylish outfits…always matching the occasion. There are plenty of all the compelling looks to be found with us.
Fashion designer and taylor Karin will give you expert advice and work with you to create your appearance as a woman. Do you need bodyshaping or tips that you haven’t received anywhere else? We also have the decisive tips if you want to look masculine as a born woman….

How would you look if you were born in the opposite sexual body?

Achieve your authentic look

Realise your authentic look!
The proportion of your feminine facets increases,
so that you are not only a part-time woman,
but want to live as a woman 24/7.
What suits you and what you feel comfortable with
is a process of experience.
We help you realise your authentic look
and show you your potential.
In an appearance that is normal for our society
to an elegant look, you will receive a consultation
that suits your nature and your type.
This helps you to avoid buying the wrong clothes
and makes you look beautiful and convincing.
In bussiness or holidays-
Casual, elegant or special and sexy.

We show you your personal potential!

We use your potential

For us, colour and style consulting is not a matter of chance, but of experience. Karin knows how important a lively and youthful appearance is to trigger positive feelings in your counterpart. Use your potential and get to know your strengths!

Bring your ideas in line with your personal aesthetics and learn with us your perfect styling from Lolita to Diva.

That very special occasion

Working together we can assess your current wardrobe and help you to choose the right clothing for different occasions. Whether you are getting ready for a photo shoot in front of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall or preparing for a date on the famous Hamburg Reeperbahn you will always be perfectly dressed as a woman. Try out and borrow from the comprehensive schwesternzeit requisites. Our wardrobe of clothing is continually growing. You are a unique woman and you won’t know what looks good until you try it.

Realise your feminine side!
Your silhouette optimisation

Let Karin advise you according to your type and realise your femininity. Experience getting a feminine figure and feel the beautiful feeling of embodying your feminine charms. The internet offers many new impulses and we get to know new products first. We recommend only the best according to solid aesthetics. Because only those satisfy! You will be supported by these recommendations as well as those of permanently renowned products from our cooperation partners:

absolutely Special Trade, Kryolan, A.S. International, Transwonder and others.

You will be advised on everything
Take the opportunity and try yourself out

Let us show you the beautiful shaping elements in the studio.
You will find AMOLUX, Aphrodite and other perfecting items for your time as a beuatiful woman.

In Hamburg at atelier schwesternzeit you will find the highlights for TVs and crossdressers from absolutely Special Trade.

Perfect silicone breasts to suit every body in the most tried and tested styles, body shaping products, everything for a wonderfully feminine appearance. We carry everything you want, so feel free to contact us, even if you want to check out an “absolutely special style”.
We are close to the woman and offer the service that supports your feminine wishes and moves you forward. Our experience is available for your individual consultation.

We are happy to show you the things that will best serve you in your transformation into a woman!


Transwonder, the magic bra.
This is how you conjure up a dreamy and natural décolleté.
Karin will recognise your cleavage and recommend the right size.
Of course we can also order the Transwonder for you!

Simple and uncomplicated.

The measuring and ordering service

Would you like to know your exact DOB clothing sizes to avoid further wrong purchases? Karin is at your side with a tape measure and will measure you.

If it is not possible for you to order certain articles from our retail partners to your home, schwesternzeit can do this for you.

We will measure you when you visit us in Hamburg. We will also adapt your ill-fitting clothes to your female silhouette by alteration tailoring. The altered pieces are then sent to you by collection or neutral dispatch.

Range of services

Fashion-Service von Schwesternzeit

The complete services of schwesternzeit

Karin Robrahn-Faul

Discover the fascinating world of what it is like to be a woman with us here at schwesternzeit:

Karin would be delighted to give you tips in an initial phone call under:

Tel.: 0049 (0)40 52169301

Or send us a note using our contact form …
Find some useful tips and important questions concerning you yourself in order that Karin can give you optimum advice and then implement this in a personal individual session.

Photo-shoot staging

FotoShooting by schwesternzeit

Photo Shooting Indoor / Outdoor

Lolita, Diva, Drama – Dreams become reality!

Your Stage

Your Stage

Together with Karin and her colleagues you will undertake a journey of mutual inspiration. We will be guided by the vision of the woman that you yourself feel most at home in: whether it be sexy girl, aristocratic lady or casual girl next door. We explore your repertoire or rummage our own vast stock of requisites in order to create the ideal woman you would like to be for our day together.

There are so many options available to us:

Whether we brave the outdoors in beautiful Hamburg or remain within the privacy and comfort of the schwesternzeit studio..

Your Dreams become Reality

Your Dreams become Reality – with Pictures to prove It!

Karin likes to discuss your wishes in advance.

The realization of an idea

Our professional photo shoots take place with Karin. She and her colleagues complete your styling and make-up.

Should it be an indoor experience or would you prefer to be staged as an attractive woman in an outdoor experience in our lovely city of Hamburg?

We provide you with a range of lovely pictures from your photo-shooting.
They will be professionally carried out
showing your feminine side
and should not require any retouching.
If you still require retouching of particular photos
this can obviously be carried out for a surcharge.
Once finalized you will receive a link
so that you can download your photos in high resolution.

Indoor Photo Shooting – Arrangement 1

Where your photo-shoot idea can best be implemented in an indoor session
then we shoot within the schwesternzeit premises
in various scenes starring you in your role as woman.
Incl. Make-up and photo session.
Takes: ca. 4 hours.

Outdoor Photo Shooting- Arrangement 2

Venturing outside the rooms of schwesternzeit, the city of Hamburg
has countless locations and hot spots which can be used for a fantastic photo shoot.
Karin can arrange the perfect en femme shooting just for you.
Incl. make-up and photo session.
Takes: 4 to 6 hours.

Outdoor Photo Shooting- Arrangement 3

includes make-up, dressing, event, restaurant, nightlife, photo shooting –
all according to your wishes.
We have found that this event and photo tour mixed program is especially popular,
because it is tailored to your own preferences:
make-up, fashion and a trip of your choice,
e.g. shopping, theater, harbor cruise, stroll through Hamburg, restaurant (tickets or meals extra).
Incl. 20 souvenir photos professionally mastered, and lasting approx. 6 to 8 hours