Courage stands at the beginning of action, happiness at the end.(Democritus)

Your desire is to become a woman –
Fulfill this special dream during your lifetime!
It deserves to come true and it will!
We can show you:
How you have always wanted to look as a woman?

Exclusive Crossdresser- & Transgender-Service
in Northern Germany
Transition counselling according to BVT*

Karin offers crossdresser and transgender service according to your wishes in the cultural metropolis of Hamburg.
It is so wonderful to experience feminine charms when dressed in the right clothing from head to toe!
Enjoy your feminine side-

Crossdressing is about having fun and trying things out!

The game starts with delicate lingerie to accessories and stylish outerwear. Matching every facet you want to show. Fashion designer and dressmaker Karin will provide you with expert advice and inspiration to help you shape your image as a woman. Karin understands your longing and knows about your desire for perfection. That is why Karin and her team offer you the opportunity to move freely within the studio, just as you are as a woman. The desire for an authentic look is growing, with or without transition. Get to know your possibilities and expand your horizons through our diverse community!

Check out our
With specially selected highlights.

Opening hours:
Mon to Sat after negative Covid 19 test and appointment. Paid rapid testing possible against advance order on site 
Bürgerweide 41, D-20535 Hamburg
Phone: 0049 (0)40 52169301, info(at)

The Ladies Gallery

Realize your dreams with pictures! Reward yourself with a record of this special day.

Photo Gallery Latest Shots

Photo Gallery Events

Photo Gallery Evergreens


NDR - Unter deutschen Dächern – Mann oder Frau?
Bei uns im Atelier verfügbar...
Available at our Atelier...

The schwesternzeit – range of services

The complete services of schwesternzeit

Discover the fascinating world of what it is like to be a woman with us here at schwesternzeit:



Events, Nightlife & Parties

Order- & Baggage Service

Make-Up Service

Hair- & Wig Service

Body & Soul Service

Photo Shoot Staging

Karin would be delighted to give you tips in an initial phone call
under 0049 (0)40 52169301
Or send us a note using our contact form …
Find some useful tips and important questions concerning you yourself in order that Karin can give you optimum advice and then implement this in a personal individual session.

Our complete price list, incl. 19% VAT



See yourself – Feel yourself – Sense your inner self – Feel at ease!

Experience what it is to be a woman and enjoy living your feminine side.
You can do more than you ever thought you could!

Perfect transformation

The perfect transformation
It's nice to feel the female charms on your own body by wearing the right clothes... Starting with beautiful lingerie that accentuates your own grown bust, captivating fetishes like those around shoes, to jewellery and stylish outfits...always matching the occasion. There are plenty of all the compelling looks to be found with us.
Fashion designer and taylor Karin will give you expert advice and work with you to create your appearance as a woman.  Do you need bodyshaping or tips that you haven't received anywhere else? We also have the decisive tips if you want to look masculine as a born woman....

How would you look if you were born in the opposite sexual body?

Achieve your authentic look

Realise your authentic look!
The proportion of your feminine facets increases,
so that you are not only a part-time woman,
but want to live as a woman 24/7.
What suits you and what you feel comfortable with
is a process of experience. 
We help you realise your authentic look
and show you your potential.
In an appearance that is normal for our society
to an elegant look, you will receive a consultation
that suits your nature and your type.
This helps you to avoid buying the wrong clothes
and makes you look beautiful and convincing.
In bussiness or holidays-
Casual, elegant or special and sexy.

We show you your personal potential!

We use your potential

For us, colour and style consulting is not a matter of chance, but of experience. Karin knows how important a lively and youthful appearance is to trigger positive feelings in your counterpart. Use your potential and get to know your strengths!

Bring your ideas in line with your personal aesthetics and learn with us your perfect styling from Lolita to Diva.

That very special occasion

Working together we can assess your current wardrobe and help you to choose the right clothing for different occasions. Whether you are getting ready for a photo shoot in front of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall or preparing for a date on the famous Hamburg Reeperbahn you will always be perfectly dressed as a woman. Try out and borrow from the comprehensive schwesternzeit requisites. Our wardrobe of clothing is continually growing. You are a unique woman and you won’t know what looks good until you try it.

Realise your feminine side!
Your silhouette optimisation

Let Karin advise you according to your type and realise your femininity. Experience getting a feminine figure and feel the beautiful feeling of embodying your feminine charms. The internet offers many new impulses and we get to know new products first. We recommend only the best according to solid aesthetics. Because only those satisfy! You will be supported by these recommendations as well as those of permanently renowned products from our cooperation partners:
absolutely Special Trade, Kryolan, A.S. International, Transwonder and others.


You will be advised on everything-
Take the opportunity and try yourself out
Let us show you the beautiful shaping elements in the studio. 
You will find AMOLUX, Aphrodite and other perfecting items for your time as a beuatiful woman.


In Hamburg at atelier schwesternzeit you will find the highlights for TVs and crossdressers from absolutely Special Trade.

Perfect silicone breasts to suit every body in the most tried and tested styles, body shaping products, everything for a wonderfully feminine appearance. We carry everything you want, so feel free to contact us, even if you want to check out an "absolutely special style".
We are close to the woman and offer the service that supports your feminine wishes and moves you forward. Our experience is available for your individual consultation.

We are happy to show you the things that will best serve you in your transformation into a woman!


Transwonder, the magic bra.
This is how you conjure up a dreamy and natural décolleté.
Karin will recognise your cleavage and recommend the right size.
Of course we can also order the Transwonder for you!

Simple and uncomplicated.

The measuring and ordering service

Would you like to know your exact DOB clothing sizes to avoid further wrong purchases? Karin is at your side with a tape measure and will measure you.

If it is not possible for you to order certain articles from our retail partners to your home, schwesternzeit can do this for you.

We will measure you when you visit us in Hamburg. We will also adapt your ill-fitting clothes to your female silhouette by alteration tailoring. The altered pieces are then sent to you by collection or neutral dispatch.


Escort Service

Our escort service is just that - no more, no less.
One of our most popular services is a photo shooting in downtown Hamburg
during which you are guided and accompanied:

Immerse yourself in the cultural metropolis which is Hamburg.
Be who you are! Experience the new you –
by day or by night.

Become a part of schwesternzeit

Karin and schwesternzeit give you the opportunity... feel comfortable and understood, feel well advised and supported. move freely within the studio, just as you are. experience yourself and your beauty as a pearl of Hamburg.

Broaden your horizon in tolerant Hamburg during your stay:

Enjoy your freedom and your life, experience the city and our events in the midst of the transgender communities!


Your Discovery Day among (girl) friends

If your day belongs to us, then we are at your side as girlfriends or like a sister and will guide you through the wonderful metropolis of Hamburg. We will spoil you with Make-Up, Fashion and any trip which you fancy, e.g. shopping, theater, harbor trip, a stroll through Hamburg’s sights or a restaurant visit. Of course any tickets or meal costs are extra. Your day, including 10 professionally prepared photographs as a souvenir of your special day, for ca. 5-6 hours or for 8 hours. A popular arrangement is a 10 hour day consisting of make-up, dressing, day and evening program with restaurant or theater visit (tickets and catering extra of course), nightlife, photo shoot – all according to your own taste.

Die aktuellen Events

Alles was Schwestern interessiert – oder interessieren könnte

A Wonderful Night-time Experience

Your self-perception:

Nightlife und Parties
in the right company.

A Wonderful Night-time Experience

Life in Hamburg is colorful and queer (pun intended); together with Karin and her team you can meet new friends and you will always be in good company! Be as free and sexy as you want to be; dance, flirt and enjoy what it is to be a woman. To venture out as a woman and show yourself is a wonderful experience whether by day or by night. Check out our list of events and the corresponding price list.

Nightlife und Parties in the right company.

Before you visit us let us know your wishes and desires – with no obligations – using our specially prepared contact form. The form helps us to prepare your day with us as a woman to best fit your expectations and serves as a guide when developing your desires. Let us explore the wonders of Hamburg together as sisters!

Logistics Service

The extended service for ordering and storage

Order Service

Is it not possible for you to order certain articles to your home? Then ask us, schwesternzeit can take care of this for you. We will advise you beforehand on all orders, which you can place by arrangement by sending us a link. USA, England, China exclusive. There is a service charge of 10 euros per order from a supplier. Cash payment and collection against invoice is possible, the articles from our trade partners absolutely Special Trade, A.S.International and Transwonder can be ordered from us without a flat order fee. This way, no direct debit appears on your account, or no package attracts any attention.

Your Baggage Depot Service

We can arrange for your luggage to be taken care of. You can use the studio at schwesternzeit as a base and return to undress, totally independent of any make-up session.

Make-Up Service

The woman in you – shines through...

You are beautiful. Experience this chance.

The schwesternzeit make-up school
Clothing, hair and make-up make up a coherent overall appearance for you. Often, you need a permanent beard epilation to reduce the amount of work involved; the epilation is only available after an expert opinion. It has to be carried out by a contracted doctor and is covered by the health insurance. However, there are also intermediate solutions such as laser devices for home use or beard shadow coverage with products from Kryolan. As it applies to you, we look for a make-up style that suits you and is feasible in everyday life en femme. We teach you this quick but effective style 1:1 and retrain to optimise your skills. If you need a visual aid, we will find the solutions so that you can implement your daytime make-up quickly and skilfully!

We advise you on which minimal make-up suits you if you live not only partially but always as a woman.

Relax with a careful make-up

With a trained eye and expert hand, Karin and her colleagues conjure youth and beauty into your face. Foundation, contouring, highlights, blending - we know about effects and can teach you these during a 1:1 exclusive course. Shading the eyes is a problem for everyone, we show you a relatively simple but effective way that always works.
Please have a look at our description and our video. The highlights of your feminisation are not only in the careful make-up, but also in the choice of the right hairstyle. Because so much happens at eye level...

Feel alive and beautiful!


The styling and type consultation

Every woman is unique and deserves an individual consultation.
Which line dresses your body, which make-up suits your hair and skin? The make-up artists at schwesternzeit will show you and work with cosmetic products from:
Kryolan Professional, Dermacolor, Catrice, Manhatten.... All products are in stock and will be matched to your skin type and tone. We will advise you on how to use the products you have brought with you and how to complement them. Enjoy beauty services that enhance your vibrancy and beauty, such as eyebrow correction and proportion and colour advice

Make-Up overview

- Daytime Make-up ca. 45 minute
- Evening and Diva Make-up ca. 1.5 hours
- Eyebrow correction
- Glueing artificial nails (temporary)
- Workshops

Hair & Wig Service

Finest hair for you.

The woman in you – shines through... You are beautiful.
For that perfect look.

Hair Style Consultation

The right hairstyle for you.

Hair is the finishing touch!

Our 2 dozen or so hairstyles in the studio are available for you to try out, for shoots and in the rental service. You can also return the rental hairstyle to schwesternzeit by post within one week. Depending on the purpose of using the hair, we will find the right style for you! We show you that you can rediscover yourself with a new hairstyle and create an attractive feminine identity... Enjoy our beauty services, the carefully adjusted eyebrow correction.


Another service in our house is not only the cut of your hair but also the wig care. Suitable wigs that you bring with you will be professionally cleaned, prepared and given a care finish. These tried and tested articles, which prevent matting, are always in stock in the studio. You can either take your hairstyle with you directly after the treatment when you are a guest at schwesternzeit or have it sent to you by post in a timely manner.

The right wig doesn't pinch or slip and makes you look young and attractive!



The Wig Service
Hair is a question of personal style

Together we visit A.S. International Hair in the City for this, which is always worthwhile. Among the 3000 hairstyles on site, there is a lot of play, but also your ideal hairstyle!  After all, colour and cut should suit your age and face, and look well-groomed and like you've grown it. All products (wigs made of synthetic or human hair, eyelashes and accessories) are in stock and we will find out whether you are better off with synthetic or human hair. During a wig fitting session in the mirrored separee, you will develop a feeling for the woman you are at the moment. As we all know, style changes every 7 years at the latest... We have a lot of fun finding out your current style together with you!


If you decide on a wig, Karin can shorten the front part on site or in the Atelier schwesternzeit. Depending on the extent of the cut, we will consult our hairdresser for real hair. We will also explain to you how to care for and style your hair yourself so that you can enjoy this effective investment for a long time!  Some health insurances cover a certain amount of money for the transition project and our trade partners AS International can accept these prescriptions. We can also cut your carefully selected hairstyle to fit your face or refurbish it with new braids after 1 to 2 years. Because a lot of perception takes place at eye level!

Sometimes there are five wigs to choose from, but it is often only one hairstyle that really graces you!

Body & Soul - Your feminine identity

Enjoy your feminine side.

Find your balance!
Body and soul- show everyone
the way you feel inside.
Everything can be


Everyday life en femme
Your Body

Realise your authentic look

Having arrived in the third millennium,
you have a claim and a share in the streetscape
that is coherent for you in every respect.
However, the choice of clothes you wear at work and in your free time is important in order to feel that you belong socially. From a look that is normal for our environment to an elegant or extravagant look, you will receive advice from us that suits your nature & type.This helps you to avoid bad purchases and to look beautiful and convincing.

We answer the question "What suits me?"
and will show you the stylish form for your appearance in your daily life .
For every occasion and every season.
The future cup size may be a little smaller, but we are happy to try this out with you in order to achieve a satisfactory overall appearance in the long term.
Schwesternzeit also make use of your own hair potential and inform you whether a hair transplant could be an alternative. We support you in choosing a wig made of synthetic or human hair and show you the appropriate care so that you can enjoy these effective investments for a long time. Some health insurances cover a certain amount of money for this and our trade partners AS International can accept these prescriptions.
Schwesternzeit can also cut your carefully selected identity hairstyle to your face or recondition it after 1 or 2 years. Because a lot of perception takes place at eye level!

We advise you on which look best suits your authentic self-confidence.










Important for your soul-
Mastering your everyday life well

An outing like an adjustment needs to be well structured! We help with this and have contacts who will initiate your gender dysphoric assessment into hormone therapy. Five on-site appointments shorten an unnecessary ordeal. According to the new 11/20 guidelines, you are entitled to 12 therapeutic, diagnostic sessions within the current legally prescribed waiting period of at least 6 months to find your way, which is only your own. Your inner gender can be fluid and is self-determined! In order to go through upcoming procedures as positively and unscathed as possible, you will be given the best addresses for the north.



Thanks to schwesternzeit's competent network, you can approach your project swiftly, dignified and effectively. Our collection of experience, helpful tips, collected documents and instructions will maintain your positive energy.
What you feel comfortable with is a process of experience.
We do health and nutrition coaching to support you. We offer training for posture, gait and gestures to revise and break old patterns. Our systemic counselling services also apply to couple conflicts.
Schwesternzeit puts its know-how at your disposal,
to help you find the balance you need for a good, self-determined life.
You can also benefit from the wealth of experience that our community has to offer!

Everyday as a woman

Since the end of the 20th century we have been trained by the BVT*, to provide competent counselling for transgender people.
If required, also in systemic counselling and couple coaching. We can therefore give you important tips and contacts that you need,
to go through it in a goal-oriented way. The current official legal situation, is a topic where we do not leave you alone.
And our knowledge is: inner gender can be fluid and is self-determined! Through our networking you can better master the current challenges for your transition project! schwesternzeit also provides you with the know-how.
Body & Soul concentrates on your individual needs according to the price list a' 59 €/hr.

We advice in a efficient way!

Photo-shoot staging

Photo Shooting Indoor / Outdoor

Lolita, Diva, Drama –
Dreams become reality!

Your Stage

Together with Karin and her colleagues you will undertake a journey of mutual inspiration. We will be guided by the vision of the woman that you yourself feel most at home in: whether it be sexy girl, aristocratic lady or casual girl next door. We explore your repertoire or rummage our own vast stock of requisites in order to create the ideal woman you would like to be for our day together.

There are so many options available to us:

Whether we brave the outdoors in beautiful Hamburg or remain within the privacy and comfort of the schwesternzeit studio.

Your Dreams become Reality – with Pictures to prove It!

Karin likes to discuss your wishes in advance.

The realization of an idea

Our professional photo shoots take place with Karin. She and her colleagues complete your styling and make-up.

Should it be an indoor experience or would you prefer to be staged as an attractive woman in an outdoor experience in our lovely city of Hamburg?

We provide you with a range of lovely pictures from your photo-shooting.
They will be professionally carried out
showing your feminine side
and should not require any retouching.
If you still require retouching of particular photos
this can obviously be carried out for a surcharge.
Once finalized you will receive a link
so that you can download your photos in high resolution.

Indoor Photo Shooting – Arrangement 1

Where your photo-shoot idea can best be implemented in an indoor session
then we shoot within the schwesternzeit premises
in various scenes starring you in your role as woman.
Incl. Make-up and photo session.
Takes: ca. 4 hours.

Outdoor Photo Shooting- Arrangement 2

Venturing outside the rooms of schwesternzeit, the city of Hamburg
has countless locations and hot spots which can be used for a fantastic photo shoot.
Karin can arrange the perfect en femme shooting just for you.
Incl. make-up and photo session.
Takes: 4 to 6 hours.

Outdoor Photo Shooting- Arrangement 3

includes make-up, dressing, event, restaurant, nightlife, photo shooting –
all according to your wishes.
We have found that this event and photo tour mixed program is especially popular,
because it is tailored to your own preferences:
make-up, fashion and a trip of your choice,
e.g. shopping, theater, harbor cruise, stroll through Hamburg, restaurant (tickets or meals extra).
Incl. 20 souvenir photos professionally mastered, and lasting approx. 6 to 8 hours

Outdoor Photo Shooting- Arrangement 4

Our clients frequently book the following 8 to 10 hour arrangement which includes
make-up, dressing, day and evening program to include
a restaurant or theater trip (excl. tickets and meal cost), nightlife, photo record –
according to personal choice.


A name well-known in the Hamburg scene

Tailoring and Fashion Design

Her ardent desire to portray the beautiful side of life led to her decision later in life to take up fashion designer professionally and to become a master tailor. Parallel to her university studies Karin trained as a seamstress. After passing her exams with flying colours she worked in the studios of a northern German Haute Couture establishment and within a
short space of time was responsible for arranging both fashion shows and the engagement of substitutes. And so it happened that in the pursuit of yet more experience Karin moved to the liberal and exciting city of Hamburg. Under her own label, sahne-schnitte, Karin was able to make the most individual of fashion dreams of her customers become reality.

The final step towards schwesternzeit

By the end of 2013 more and more crossdressers were appreciating Karin’s high quality and workmanship. The idea of providing a Crossdresser and Transgender service in the cultural metropolis began to take shape. Finding such a good partner as absolutely Special Trade convinced Karin that the decision to open a Crossdresser and Transgender service in Hamburg could work. Since that time Karin and schwesternzeit are visited daily by satisfied clients from all over Germany and Europe – even some from further afield – helping them to live their own personal motto „it is better to live in an unusual way“. This led to further enrichment...In 2019 Karin did her training at Walschlösschen Göttingen, the onliest training academy in Germany in this field for systemic counselling in the LGBT* area. In 2020, certification for trans-counselling under the auspices of the BVT* was added.
Our horizon is constantly expanding!

Field Report

Interview mit Karin bei Jennifers Blog:

Klicke den Link um das Interview mit Karin zu lesen.
Bitte folgen Sie dem obigen Link.

Erfahrungsbericht unserer Kunden:




Dear Karin,

You supported me so wonderfully with regard to my GaOp.
You advised me so sensitively in the run-up to the operation and we discussed the methods. You
always encouraged me in all phases up to the operation, took away my fears.
fears. You were always approachable for me in all phases, when I had
I had questions, grief and uncertainty.
Even one day before the operation, in the hospital, I called you.
you took a lot of time and you calmed me down, because I was so mega excited
and I was really upset. After discharge, you are pretty much left alone when it comes to wound care.
you gave me valuable tips and told me how to accelerate the wound
how to accelerate the wound treatment medically, and what I should and
what I should do and what I must not do. I had fears there too,
I was alone, and you calmed me down again.
and gave me the confidence that everything would be all right.

Karin, I am so grateful to you for that, you are so wonderful, and that goes
far beyond what you already do in your actual portfolio for the sisters.
portfolio for the sisters.

With great gratitude


26.10.21 Dear Karin, I wanted to write to you.... I don't really know how I would like to express it, when I was with you today, I was so overwhelmed and so speechless and I actually had so much going through my head and at first I couldn't quite find my peace. I have now looked at myself in the mirror for a long time and seen myself with my heart.
You know, when I'm with you and I'm uncertain and doubtful whether I'll be able to do it all, whether I'll be happy with myself, whether I'll find myself, then you simply fetch the stars from the sky for me and make everything easy, so that I always almost have to cry with happiness. It's just like that. Really. Just beautiful. 
You will always keep a big place in my heart. I can only thank you again and again and be happy that you are there.    C.

Translated with (free version)


Dear Karin,
The download from the MagentaCloud is running right now. Thank you very much for your words. The change to work tomorrow morning will not be easy (despite the home office). The head (and the heart) are "spinning" ... the time/experience was overwhelming ... and simply beautiful.
Thank you also for your support, your openness, the wonderful atmosphere, the conversations, the confidence you showed ... simply everything. You have created a wonderful protected space/framework ... which I hope will live on for a very long time and help many people ... brings joy and happy moments.
The bread roll you brought in the evening was perfect, although on days like this I feel more like more outfits, impressions, variations, beautiful accessories etc... 
... an eternity :-)   ... written later:
So, the download is now finished ... I have been through all the pictures once. They are incredibly beautiful, sensual and precious to me. Already in the preview on the camera I was thrilled ... and now in full size. With your direction & photographic work (art/skill) a true "treasure" has been created. I have never looked at myself so intensely / so long as in these pictures (and before in the mirrors with you) and found everything to be just fine.
Many love greetings and another squeeze
N Y.
PS. The ideas/wishes for a new visit are already circling through heart and head ( ... and then with less luggage) ... e.g. shopping in a dress with jean jacket & co ... across the said park-like grounds etc.
PPS. I am amazed at myself how easy it was .... to jump over my shadow ... and make my way back to Apartment040 as a woman. An incredible experience.


Liebe Karin,

wir wollten uns nur einmal kurz melden und uns für den wundervollen und wirklich unvergesslichen Tag bei Dir danken. Wir sind beide noch ziemlich überwältigt, weil es wirklich ganz besonders war. Die E-Mail-Adresse zum Kontakt für die neugeborene Schwester ist gemacht. Wir haben dann auch beschlossen, dass mein Schatz den Namen behalten möchte, einfach aus dem Grund, dass er von Dir kommt, das gefunden wir beide in Kombination mit dem gestrigen Tag total passend. 
Wir freuen uns schon drauf sterben Bilder in Ruhe anzusehen, auf sterben Schnelle Haben wir schon einmal geschaut und sie sind wirklich toll 

Liebe Grüße von uns beiden. Eine ausführlichere Nachricht kommt



Impressum and Contact



Bürgerweide 41
D-20535 Hamburg
0049 (0)40 52169301

Opening hours:
Tuesday 12-18 - open house
Mo, We - Sa for exclusive appointments on

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VAT identity no.: 46/655/01960

Owner and General Manager and
responsible for content:
Karin Robrahn-Faul

Cooperation partners:
absolutely Special Trade, Transwonder, Kryolan, Universal Bild & Ton GmbH

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The Christopher Street Day under:

The society Kulturlotse Hamburg e.V.
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We organize cultural tours and
inform people about events in their
part of the city.

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Support & Good Will:
Nora Aron Rose, Annette T, Gabriela aus Leipzig, Laura, Vera, Vivian Zarton, SheLa
and Vanessa Fox who will always be in our thoughts!

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b) Vertragsvereinbarung
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c) Vertragsabschluss
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d) Speicherung des Vertragstextes
Der Vertragstext wird von Karin Robrahn- Faul, gespeichert und dem Kunden nach Absendung seiner Bestellung nebst den vorliegenden AGB und Kundeninformationen in Textform (z.B. per E-Mail oder postalisch) zugeschickt.

§ 2 Leistung
Die vereinbarte Leistung beginnt mit dem Eintreffen von Karin Robrahn- Faul zur vereinbarten Zeit am Arbeitsort, meist Atelier schwesternzeit.
Ersttermine sind in der Regel Exklusivtermine, außer der Kunde* hat seine Wünsche entsprechend anders kommuniziert und mit Karin Robrahn- Faul, entsprechend abgesprochen.
Des Weiteren sind andere Personen zugegen, wenn es sich um eine Veranstaltung handelt, die ausrichten oder eine solche gemeinsam besucht wird.
insbesondere bei Beratungsgesprächen sorgt Karin Robrahn- Faul, für eine vertrauensvolle und geschützte Atmosphäre. Die Inhalte von Beratungsgesprächen unterliegen der Schweigepflicht.

Leistungsverzögerungen auf Grund höherer Gewalt und aufgrund von außergewöhnlichen und unvorhersehbaren Ereignissen, welche auch durch äußerste Sorgfalt von Karin Robrahn- Faul, nicht verhindert werden können (hierzu gehören insbesondere Streiks, behördliche oder gerichtliche Anordnungen hat Karin Robrahn- Faul, nicht zu vertreten. Sie berechtigen Karin Robrahn- Faul, dazu, die Leistung um die Dauer des behindernden Ereignisses zu verschieben.

b) Rücktritt
Bei Nichtverfügbarkeit aus zuvor genannten Gründen kann Karin Robrahn- Faul, vom Vertrag zurücktreten. Karin Robrahn- Faul, verpflichtet sich dabei, den Kunden* unverzüglich über die Nichtverfügbarkeit zu informieren und etwaig bereits erbrachte Gegenleistungen unverzüglich zu erstatten.

c) Annahmeverzug
Kann der Kunde* den vereinbarten Termin nicht wahrnehmen oder erscheint er nicht zu diesem, ist Karin Robrahn- Faul, berechtigt vom Vertrag zurückzutreten und Schadensersatz wegen Verzug oder wegen Nichterfüllung zu beanspruchen.

d) Leistungserbringung
Karin Robrahn- Faul, ist berechtigt den Vertrag bzw. Teile des Vertrages durch Dritte erfüllen zu lassen, falls dies nicht durch Karin Robrahn- Faul selbst möglich ist.

e) Festbuchung
Eine Festbuchung kommt durch die schriftliche (z.B. Brief, E-Mail, Facebook Nachricht, Telefonat oder SMS) Auftragsbestätigung durch Karin Robrahn- Faul, zustande.

f) Option
Eine Option ist eine unverbindliche Reservierung eines Termins durch den Kunden*. Karin Robrahn- Faul, ist berechtigt diese Option, im Falle einer Festbuchung durch einen anderen Kunden*, verfallen zu lassen. Es besteht bei einer Option kein Anspruch auf die Dienstleistung zu dem reservierten Termin oder einer Entschädigung.

g) Leistungszeit
Soweit nicht ausdrücklich etwas anderes vereinbart wurde, erfolgt die vereinbarte Leistung zum gebuchten Termin.

§ 3 Zahlung
a) Allgemein

Alle angegebenen Preise sind Endpreise inkl. MWSt. 

b) Anzahlung
Bei einer Festbuchung ist eine Anzahlung i.H. von 100 Euro des vereinbarten Honorars sofort fällig, wenn nicht anders mit Karin Robrahn- Faul, vereinbart.

c) Honorar
Das Honorar versteht sich lt. Ausschreibungen des Leistungsangebotes von, meist innerhalb des Stützpunktes des Ateliers, aber auch außerhalb wie einer Ganztagesbegleitung mit Fotoshoots.
Erfolgt eine Buchung zu einer anderen Adresse, sind Kosten für die Anreise, Fremd- und Nebenkosten hinzuzufügen.

d) Anreisekosten
Ist eine Anreise zum Leistungsort nötig, berechnet Karin Robrahn- Faul, die für die Anreise aufgewendeten Fahrtkosten.

e) Fremd- und Nebenkosten
Der Kunde* hat alle Fremd- und Nebenkosten zu tragen.
Fremd- und Nebenkosten sind alle Kosten, bei der Leistungserbringung notwendigerweise anfallen.
Dazu zählen insbesondere:
– Materialkosten
– Requisiten
– Styling Kosten
– Reise- und Übernachtungskosten
– Spesen bei Aufträgen außerhalb des Wohnortes von Karin Robrahn- Faul,

f) Zahlungsverzug
Der Kunde gerät mit der Zahlung in Verzug, wenn die Zahlung nicht innerhalb von 7 Werktagen nach Erhalt der Rechnung bei Karin Robrahn- Faul, eingeht. Sollte der Kunde* mit seinen Zahlungen in Verzug geraten, so behält sich Karin Robrahn- Faul, vor, Mahngebühren in Höhe von 5,00 Euro in Rechnung zu stellen. Die Geltendmachung eines darüber hinaus gehenden Schadensersatzes bleibt unbenommen. Dem Kunden* verbleibt die Möglichkeit nachzuweisen, dass Karin Robrahn- Faul, ein geringerer Schaden entstanden ist.

g) Zurückbehaltungsrecht
Die Geltendmachung eines Zurückbehaltungsrechts steht dem Kunden* nur für solche Gegenansprüche zu, die fällig sind und auf demselben rechtlichen Verhältnis wie die Verpflichtung des Kunden* beruhen.

h) Stornierung von Festbuchungen
Eine Stornierung einer Festbuchung ist bis zu zwei Wochen vor dem Auftragstermin kostenlos möglich. Danach gelten die folgenden Stornobedingungen:
10 bis 13 Wochentage vor dem Termin, 50% des vereinbarten Honorars.
3 bis 9 Wochentage vor dem Termin, 75% des vereinbarten Honorars.
1 bis 2 Wochentage vor dem Termin, 100% des vereinbarten Honorars.
Dies gilt nur insoweit der Verbraucher durch die Stornierung nicht von seinem Widerrufsrecht Gebrauch macht.

§ 4 Pflichten des Kunden*
a) Mitwirkungspflicht

Der Kunde* ist verpflichtet bei der Leistungserbringung Karin Robrahn- Faul, anwesend zu sein und mögliche Änderungen sofort vornehmen zu lassen. Jede Änderung im Nachhinein entspricht einer Neubeauftragung von Karin Robrahn- Faul, Dem Kunden* obliegt es Karin Robrahn- Faul, in jeder Hinsicht bei der Leistungserbringung zu unterstützen. Dies betrifft insbesondere die Bereitstellung entsprechender Unterlagen und Informationen.
Im Falle einer Erkrankung des Kunden* ist dessen Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung per scan oder Kopie Karin Robrahn- Faul unmittelbar vorzulegen.

b) Dritte
Karin Robrahn- Faul, ist nicht für Leistungen und Dienste, die sich außerhalb ihres Einflussbereiches befinden, verantwortlich. Soweit von dem Kunden* Requisiten zur Verwendung in den Werken gewünscht werden, kann Karin Robrahn- Faul, entsprechende Lizenzen im Namen und Auftrag des Kunden und auf dessen Kosten erwerben. In diesem Fall gelten die weiteren Lizenzbedingungen des jeweiligen Lizenzgebers.

§ 5 Widerrufsbelehrung für Verbraucher bei Fernabsatzverträgen (Dienstleistungen)
a) Widerrufsrecht

Sie haben das Recht, binnen vierzehn Tagen ohne Angabe von Gründen diesen Vertrag zu widerrufen.
Die Widerrufsfrist beträgt vierzehn Tage ab dem Tag des Vertragsabschlusses.
Um Ihr Widerrufsrecht auszuüben, müssen Sie uns Karin Robrahn- Faul,, Bürgerweide 41, 20535 Hamburg,, mittels einer eindeutigen Erklärung, ein mit der Post versandter Brief oder E-Mail, über Ihren Entschluss, diesen Vertrag zu widerrufen, informieren.
Zur Wahrung der Widerrufsfrist reicht es aus, dass Sie die Mitteilung über die Ausübung des Widerrufsrechts vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist absenden.

Folgen des Widerrufs:
Wenn Sie diesen Vertrag widerrufen, haben wir Ihnen alle Zahlungen, die wir von Ihnen erhalten haben, einschließlich der Lieferkosten (mit Ausnahme der zusätzlichen Kosten, die sich daraus ergeben, dass Sie eine andere Art der Lieferung als die von uns angebotene, günstigste Standardlieferung gewählt haben), unverzüglich und spätestens binnen vierzehn Tagen ab dem Tag zurückzuzahlen, an dem die Mitteilung über Ihren Widerruf dieses Vertrags bei uns eingegangen ist. Für diese Rückzahlung verwenden wir dasselbe Zahlungsmittel, das Sie bei der ursprünglichen Transaktion eingesetzt haben, es sei denn, mit Ihnen wurde ausdrücklich etwas anderes vereinbart; in keinem Fall werden Ihnen wegen dieser Rückzahlung Entgelte berechnet.

Haben Sie verlangt, dass die Dienstleistungen während der Widerrufsfrist beginnen soll, so haben Sie uns einen angemessenen Betrag zu zahlen, der dem Anteil der bis zu dem Zeitpunkt, zu dem Sie uns von der Ausübung des Widerrufsrechts hinsichtlich dieses Vertrags unterrichten, bereits erbrachten Dienstleistungen im Vergleich zum Gesamtumfang der im Vertrag vorgesehenen Dienstleistungen entspricht.

Besondere Hinweise zum vorzeitigen Erlöschen des Widerrufsrechts:
Ihr Widerrufsrecht erlischt vorzeitig, wenn der Unternehmer die Dienstleistung vollständig erbracht hat und mit der Ausführung der Dienstleistung erst begonnen hat, nachdem Sie dazu Ihre ausdrückliche Zustimmung gegeben haben und Sie gleichzeitig Ihre Kenntnis davon bestätigt haben, dass Sie Ihr Widerrufsrecht bei vollständiger Vertragserfüllung durch den Unternehmer verlieren.

§ 6 Namensnennung und Urheberrecht
Alle Rechte am Bild sind lt. Datenschutzverordnung an den Kunden* als Model abgetreten.

§ 7 Haftung
a) Haftungsausschluss

Karin Robrahn- Faul, sowie ihre gesetzlichen Vertreter und Erfüllungsgehilfen haften unter nachstehendem Vorbehalt nur für Vorsatz oder grobe Fahrlässigkeit. Bei leichter Fahrlässigkeit betrifft die Haftung nur die Verletzung wesentlicher Vertragspflichten, folglich solcher Pflichten, deren Einhaltung für die Erreichung des Vertragszwecks von besonderer Bedeutung ist. Dabei beschränkt sich die Haftung auf den vorhersehbaren, vertragstypischen, unmittelbaren Durchschnittsschaden. Gegenüber Kunden*, die nicht Verbraucher sind, haftet Karin Robrahn- Faul, im Falle eines grob fahrlässigen Verstoßes gegen nicht wesentliche Vertragspflichten nur in Höhe des vorhersehbaren, vertragstypischen, unmittelbaren Durchschnittsschadens.

b) Haftungsvorbehalt
Der vorstehende Haftungsausschluss betrifft nicht die Haftung für Schäden aus der Verletzung des Lebens, des Körpers oder der Gesundheit. Auch die Vorschriften des Produkthaftungsgesetzes bleiben vom Haftungsausschluss unberührt.

c) Versicherungspflicht
Der Kunde* ist verpflichtet die Requisiten gegen Diebstahl, Beschädigung, Verlust etc. zu versichern.

§ 8 Schlussbestimmungen
a) Gerichtsstand

Als ausschließlicher Gerichtsstand und Erfüllungsort für alle Rechtsstreitigkeiten aus diesem Vertrag wird der Geschäftssitz von Karin Robrahn- Faul, in Hamburg vereinbart, sofern der Kunde* Kaufmann, eine juristische Person des öffentlichen Rechts oder öffentlich-rechtliches Sondervermögen ist, sofern der Kunde keinen Gerichtsstand in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland hat.

b) Rechtswahl
Soweit nicht zwingende gesetzliche Bestimmungen nach dem Heimatrecht des Kunden* entgegenstehen, gilt deutsches Recht unter Ausschluss des UN-Kaufrechts als vereinbart.

c) Salvatorische Klausel
Die Unwirksamkeit einzelner Bestimmungen berührt die Gültigkeit der übrigen Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen nicht.

d) Schlichtung
Online-Streitbeilegung gemäß Art. 14 Abs. 1 ODR-VO: Die Europäische Kommission stellt eine Plattform zur Online-Streitbeilegung (OS) bereit, die Sie unter

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Objection to the processing of your data by us and
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In order to protect your privacy, from experience may recommend that you set up an extra email address for your alternative persona. In our studio it is taken for granted to connect you exclusively with your self-created name and your matching email address.
If you transfer an invoice, the invoice number is used as identification, as we are usually unaware of your legal ID. Of course, you can also pay in cash. It is not of interest to us to track your account details in order to know your identity, because we like to protect your alternative persona and give her space to develop. This is our main interest.
One of our special services is to take photographs of your transformation. Unlike other photographers, all rights are with you - we will assign them to you. Schwesternzeit gives the guarantee to do nothing with these pictures, they just "sleep" on our computer, which is hard-disk protected. However, if you wish, you can release the particularly well-made pictures of you by e-mailing the picture number. 
You can freely decide whether you release these images for our slideshows within the rooms of Schwesternzeit, on our website, on the Schwesternzeit page on Facebook, or others that are clearly communicated and named. This decision for release is completely voluntary and can be rescinded at any moment.
Images for the internet are published with a reduction in the amount of pixels. Thus we avoid the theft of high quality recordings. You can revoke this release under your self-created name at any time. The pictures will be deleted on the platforms as soon as possible, as soon as your withdrawal reaches us. If you do not require any release we ask you to inform us: photographs are often taken during an event with a Schwesternzeit group completely the background. If we know about any reservations on your part we may ask you to go out of the picture if necessary. 
By the way, another option is to bring your own camera, which you take back after the shoot. So no copies remain with us. 
We thank you for the trust you place in us.

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(1) Allgemeines über uns
Aus unserer tiefsten Überzeugung haben wir uns darauf spezialisiert, all denen, die nach der geeigneten Ausstattung für die Verwandlung vom Mann zur Frau suchen, beratend zur Seite zu stehen. Das persönliche Glück unserer Kunden ist die Messlatte unserer inneren Zufriedenheit. Es liegt uns sehr am Herzen, Dir mit unseren Kontaktangeboten und Deinem Besuch vor Ort bei schwesternzeit behilflich sein zu können.

(1) A little about us
It is our deepest desire and conviction to advise and support all those who seek the most appropriate requisites for their transformation from man to woman and that is what we have specialised in. By the way: This is also true for those who wish to take on the features of a male should they have been born as a female. The pleasure and happiness of our clients is the benchmark of our own personal satisfaction. Being able to help and support you with the aid of our contact offer and your visit to our premises at schwesternzeit lies very close to our hearts.

(2) Kann ich nur einfach so bei schwesternzeit reinschauen?
Bitte beachte die Öffnungszeiten.
Durch die COVID-19 Situation können wir derzeit nur 1:1 Termine vergeben.

(2) Can I simply visit schwesternzeit and have a look around?
Please do note our opening times.
Due to the COVID-19 situation we only can offer 1:1 appointments.

(3) Gehen auch andere Zeiten als die Öffnungszeiten?
Selbstverständlich. Mache mir Karin per Email über einen Termin aus. Oder rufe durch, unter 0049 (0)40 52169301 ist ein AB mit Rückrufgarantie angeschlossen. Wenn Du aus einer anderen Stadt kommst, um als Frau frei zu sein, bieten sich oft die Wochenenden an, an denen in Hamburg noch mehr los ist als der Woche.

(3) Can I come at other times?
Of course. Simply contact Karin by Email using in order to arrange an appointment. Or telephone us under 0049 (0)40 52169301: our answering machine is active and we guarantee a reply. However, you must leave us a message! If you are travelling from another town or city for transformation into the woman of your dreams then the second half of the week is recommended: there is so much more going on in Hamburg.

(4) Sieht jeder, wo ich hingehe - und dass ich gern Frauenkleider trage?
Nein. Hamburg ist weltoffen. Schwesternzeit liegt im Herzen Hamburgs, ca. 2 km von der Alster entfernt, verkehrsgünstig zwischen der Autobahn nach Berlin oder Hannover. Die nächsten U oder S Bahn Stationen heißen Landwehr, Lübecker Straße und Berliner Tor. Alle Stationen sind ca. 5 bis 10 Minuten fußläufig zu erreichen. Tagsüber kannst Du recht nah vor dem Atelier parken. Wir haben tolerante und liebe Nachbarn. Das Atelier schwesternzeit liegt im Souterrain.

(4) Will everyone notice that I am wearing female attire wherever I go?

No. Hamburg is cosmopolitan. Schwesternzeit is situated near the very centre of Hamburg, approximately 2 km from the well-known water-way, the Alster. For those coming by car, our studio is nicely situated between the two main motorways from Berlin and Hanover. Parking is possible in the streets outside during daytime. For those using public transport the nearest U-Bahn/S-Bahn stops are Landwehr, Lübecker Straße and Berliner Tor. It is to all of those a five to ten minute walk. Our neighbours are very friendly and tolerant. The schwesternzeit studio is located in a souterrain.

(5) Was bietet mir schwesternzeit?
Akzeptanz, Interesse am Menschen, Background, Vertrauen, Atmosphäre, Sicherheit, Perspektive, Open mind, Innovationen, Kontakte, Communities, Dynamik, Kontaktadressen, Informationen, Ortskenntnisse, Erfahrung, Seminare, Ehrlichkeit, Unterstützung, Toleranz, eine ehrliche Meinung, die Handelswaren von absolutely Special Trade, Beratung über diese feminisierenden Produkte, Bestellservice im Internethandel, schöne Strümpfe und Dessous, den Fundus, Maßanfertigungen, Änderungen, Beratung, Styling, Hair und Make-Up, Stil, Eleganz, ein gewachsenes weibliches Gegenüber als Biofrau, professionelle Fotoshoots, fähige Mitarbeiter, Guiding & Supporting, Ausflug in die City zur Frisurenberatung, Kleiderschrankservice, Ausmess-Service, Dressing-Service für Tagesgäste, Tipps und Tricks, stets frisch gemahlenen, gebrühten Kaffee – den Nabel Deiner transidenten Welt.

(5) What can schwesternzeit offer me?
Acceptance, Interest in people, Background, Trust, Atmosphere, Security, Experience, Perspective, Open mind, Innovation, Contacts, Communities, Dynamism, Contact addresses, Information, Local knowledge, Seminars, Honesty, Support, Tolerance, An honest opinion, absolutely Special Trade Products, Advice concerning feminising products, Costumes, Tailor-made solutions, Alterations, Consultation, Styling, Hair and Make-Up, Style, Elegance,  Professional photo shoots, Competent staff, Guidance & Support, Tips and Tricks.
And, of course, a real woman to provide advice and inspiration and all of this together with freshly-ground coffee or a glass of Prosecco - plus we can provide the link to your transgender world in Hamburg.

(6) Was bietet mir schwesternzeit nicht?
Die Dienstleistungen, die ein anderes Gewerbe ausführt.

(6) What does schwesternzeit not provide?
Those services associated with an altogether different trade.

(7) Kostet ein persönliches Vorgespräch etwas?
Nein. Man muss sich gesprochen oder gesehen haben, um einander zu vertrauen. Wenn Du dann ein Date ausmachst, fällt eine Gebühr an. Die aktuellen Preise entnehme bitte unserer Preisliste. Schaust Du Dich nur mal so bei schwesternzeit um, fällt Dir bei einer Tasse Kaffee bestimmt auch der eine oder andere Tipp for free in den Schoß.

(7) Does a preliminary consultation cost anything?

No. Any relation based on mutual trust and respect requires the participants to meet and talk

together first. If you then choose to make an appointment our standard charges apply. You can always check the current fees by referring to our latest price list. If you choose to simply“pop in” at schwesternzeit; we are sure you will pickup some tips for free while enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee.

(8) Kann ich denn vor einem Termin Bilder oder Nachrichten von mir an schwesternzeit schicken?
Das ist sehr hilfreich und stellt eine verbesserte Kontaktfläche dar. Nimm hierzu die Emailadresse oder nutze unser Kontaktformular. Wir sind verbindlich, verschwiegen und vertrauenswürdig.

(8) Before an appointment can I send pictures or messages to schwesternzeit?
Naturally! This will be very helpful and gives us a better foundation for our relationship. In this case, please use our contact form. We are reliable, discrete and trustworthy. And real.

(9) Kann ich denn im Atelier auch übernachten?
Nein. Dafür halten wir jedoch Tipps über tolerante Hotels für Dich bereit, je nach Deinem Etat.

(9) Does the studio offer accommodation?
No. However, we do have tips for you concerning tolerant hotels available to suit every budget.

(10) Beratung
Innerhalb einer Beratung, eines Stylings oder Make-Up werden Deine Wünsche sofort umgesetzt, denn wir sind gemeinsam im Prozess. Bitte beachte hierzu die Öffnungszeiten sowie die Möglichkeit, einen exklusiven Termin mit schwesternzeit zu machen, um Deine Zeit als Frau voll genießen zu können. Daher wäre es schön, wenn Du uns im Vorfeld Deine Vorstellungen mitteilst, um für Deine Zeit als Frau den roten Teppich ausrollen zu können.

(10) What should I do before a consultation?
During your session with us, be it a Consultation, a Styling or a Make-Up session, we will immediately respond to your own individual wishes as we identify strongly with you and travel through your transformation process together. Take care to observe our opening times (as you can see they are limited) or make out an exclusive appointment here at schwesternzeit, where and when you can fully enjoy your time as a woman with us! Therefore, it would be wonderful if you could let us know your expectations and desires so that we can roll out the red carpet for you as you soak in your time as a woman.
In our contact form you will find everything you need plus a few useful tips for your feminine appearance.

(11) Waren
Als Handelspartner von absolutely Special Trade ist es uns sehr wichtig, ein umfangreiches und qualitativ hochwertiges Sortiment an Silikonbrüsten, Silikon-Körperformung und vielen weiteren hilfreichen Accessoires, zu identischen Preisen an bieten zu können. Das sowie Umtausch- und Rückgaberecht dieser Produkte gilt laut AGB /absolutely Special Trade. Die vorhandenen Handelswaren werden vor Ort abverkauft. Sollte von Dir etwas gewünscht sein, was wir nicht vorliegen haben, bestellen wir es per Dropshipping bei absolutely Special Trade. Die Lieferzeit liegt bei 2 Tagen. Hierfür muss die Überweisung der Summe des Artikels plus € 6,90 Porto bei uns per Vorkasse eingegangen sein.

Name: Karin Robrahn-Faul
Konto-Nr. 16152035
Bank: Hypo Vereinsbank
IBAN: DE67200300000016152035

Die Lieferadresse kannst Du bestimmen. Entweder bekommst Du Deine Ware zu Dir nachhause gesandt oder Du holst Dir Deinen Artikel bei schwesternzeit ab.
Allen anderen Artikel, die wir innerhalb des Wirkungskreises, des Ateliers schwesternzeit verkaufen, können bar oder per Überweisung bezahlt werden. Bei einer Internetbestellung für Dich fällt zzgl. der Rechnungssumme inkl. Porto und Verpackung unserer Recherchepauschale an.

(11) Products
As a trading partner of the company absolutely Special Trade it is extremely important for us to be able to offer a comprehensive assortment of high-quality silicon breasts, silicon body-shapers and other necessary and useful accessories to identical prices. Rules concerning exchange or return are those laid out in the general trading terms of the absolutely Special Trade company. Products available on site are bought and paid for immediately.
Should you require any products which are not in stock we can order these quickly from absolutely Special Trade using our order service. Delivery takes just two days. In this case, we ask for payment in advance plus a sum of € 6,90 to cover shipping. Payment for the article plus postage can be made to the following account:

Name: Karin Robrahn-Faul
Account no.: 16152035
Bank: Hypo Vereinsbank
IBAN: DE67200300000016152035

The goods can be forwarded to your own address (Please be sure to inform us of the correct delivery address), or collected from schwesternzeit.

(12) Anfertigung
Möchtest Du ein Modellkleid angefertigt bekommen, übernimmt bis zu Deiner Zufriedenheit schwesternzeit die Haftung für Material und Arbeitszeit.

(12) When do I pay for tailor-made costumes and alterations?
If you wish to have a dress or costume made or altered then schwesternzeit accepts liability for material and labour until we know you are absolutely satisfied with your items.

(13) Fotoshooting
Favorisierst Du einen professionellen Fotoshoot bei uns, bekommst Du innerhalb von 2 Werktagen einen Downloadlink auf die Magentacloud. Die Daten gehören nur Dir, die Rechte sind an Dich abgetreten. Lies dazu bitte unsere Datenschutzverordnung. Ggf. werden wir Dich nach Deinem Einverständnis fragen, ausgewählte Bilder auf dieser Website veröffentlichen zu dürfen. Dies kannst Du frei entscheiden, es sind Deine Bilder. Die Rechnung von Deiner Zeit bei schwesternzeit geht Dir per Email oder Post zu, zahlbar innerhalb von 7 Werktagen per Überweisung – falls Du das nicht direkt vor Ort in bar getätigt hast.

(13) How do I get images after a photoshooting?
If you have decided to opt for a professional photo shoot during your time with us, you will receive a download link to Magentacloud within two working days. All data belongs to you along with all statutory rights of ownership. This is clearly stated in our Privacy Policy statement. In some cases we may approach you to request permission to use photos taken for publishing on our website. However, it is your personal decision to allow us to use such photos. The images belong to you.
The invoice for your time with us at schwesternzeit can be sent by Email or by post and is to be paid in full within 7 working days by bank transfer using the account details above where you did not pay cash during your visit.

(14) Gewährleistung
Die Gewährleistung erfolgt nach den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen. Sie erreichen uns für Fragen, Reklamationen und Beanstandungen rund um die Uhr unter Telefon: 0049 (0)40 52169301 mit Rückrufgarantie sowie per Email unter

(14) What guarantees do I have?
Of course, we also have our small print: guarantees are granted in accordance with (German) statutory regulations. You can contact us with questions, complaints or objections around the clock under our telephone number at 0049 (0)40 52169301 and we guarantee to call you back or you can contact us by Email under