to be free - to be feminine
your transgender services
in northern Germany

That is you... a beautiful woman!
Realize your dreams.


The exciting experience
your orchestration

Your dreams can become reality.
They will become true, as you have always wanted to become a woman.

A fantastic Photo shoot

In a preliminary consultation with you, our professional photographer will find the best possible style and backdrop for you.

Far away from your daily life, without anyone recognizing you. Together, we will lure your feminine side out. We will together let our fantasies loose and choose the photos that bring your feminine side again to light. We will style you in the homelike studio of schwesternzeit to the woman persona that you want to be.

The realization of an idea

All opportunities are at our hand: whether it be outdoors or in the schwesternzeit rooms. We can decide what is best for the realization of the idea.
If you would rather stay inside, we can incorporate inside the schwesternzeit house a variety of scenes that show you as a woman.
Outside the house of schwesternzeit we have an unending number of locations as backgrounds. There, we can orchestrate your fantasy of womanhood in photos.



Research and locations

There are practically no limits- we try to find the best possible way to produce your favorite pictures. The choice of location plays an important roll. That way, ideas come to life.


We will choose together your style and compliment it with your or our collection. In forefront, missing things can be gotten to correspond with your perception of femininity.
Schwesternzeit possesses an array of props, shoes, clothing and hair-styles. Your style will be well rounded with perfectly styled make-up.

The realization

According to ideas and effort, each shooting starts with a calculation of €150.- and, if desired, an extra €59.- will be added for make-up and hair. Included in the price are 5 collectively selected pictures, that will be edited and optimized after the photo shooting. Please feel free to compare our offer with our competitors.
You will then be provided the 5 pictures as a down loadable link.



You can book it

Photo shooting in the studio or outdoors 2-3 hours
for complete body and/or portraits. Only with prior consulting/briefing- with photo touch-ups.

  • photo shooting 2-3 hours for €150.-
    5 pictures (selection from the entire shooting) with photo touch-ups
    (as jpg- for non-commercial use only)
    Photo shooting 5 hours: €200.-
    Photo shooting 7 hours: €240.-
  • Additional photos starting at €35.- those who want more than 5 photos (selection from the entire shooting)
    can order more photos for an additional charge of €35.- per photo.
    By larger selections, the price will be reduced.
  • Photo shootings for commercial use:
    upon agreement in accordance with used media and level of distribution.
  • Costs for organization and research:
    research library, orders, internet acquisitions,
    (if need be) plus ordering charges,
    plus the costs of ordered products and,
    if need be, costs for traveling and transportation according to complexity
  • Pair and group shootings:
    additional 50% per person
  • Make-up and hair styling:
    €69.- per person
  • Dressing flat-rate
    €15.- per dressing activity
    if need be, plus €10.- cleaning fee per article of clothing