to be free - to be feminine
your transgender services
in northern Germany

Strike an accord with yourself-feel the good feeling!
Experience yourself as a woman and enjoy your feminine side of life.



The perfect transformation:

Isn´t it beautiful, to feel the feminine attractiveness of the right dress on your body?

Starting with delicate dessous, then accessories and stylish outerwear. ...always perfectly fit for the occasion. Mode designer and seamstress Karin at schwesternzeit will stand professionally with you, consult you, and professionally create your appearance as a woman with you.

The dressing service:
for the special occasion

We evaluate together with you, your wardrobe and consult you to choose the right dress for each occasion. Whether a date at the Reeperbahn or a photo shoot in front of the Elbphilharmonie, you, as a woman, will be perfectly dressed.
We a charge €59.- fee per hour.

Our clothing collection to try on and rent

Our clothing collection is always growing. As a woman, you are unique and your dress lets people see who you are: you can really be seen with this collection!

The silhouette optimization:
realize yourself as a woman!

Let Karin consult you to realize your style and your femininity. Experience it, to hold a feminine figure and feel the wonderful feeling of embodying female attractiveness.
You will be supported with notable products from producers:







The closet storage service

On request we can provide a closet for you. On your date of preference, you can start from the studio of Schwesternzeit and transform yourself independently from a make-up appointment.
A closet storage unit cost €40.- per month.

The alteration service:
consulting and customization

After a complete and free of charge consultation of your design wishes, your favorite dress with style and elegance will be completed. Not every design fits to every silhouette. Choice of colours and cut are crucial for the outcome. Karin gladly will fit a skirt that does not sit right. Price on demand.

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