to be free - to be feminine
your transgender services
in northern Germany

The good side of your soul.
Show who you are and how good you feel in the right company.


Accompany service:
be a part of the community

Within the studio you can completely show yourself openly, the way you are. You will be carefully led: outside of the studio schwesternzeit. You then can build on the trust, to experience you and your look as a women. The hot spots, events, and transgender communities will shift your horizon while staying here at schwesternzeit.

Your self-image:
nightlife and parties

The life in Hamburg is colourful and queer, you can meet new people and are in good company!

To go out as a woman and show yourself is a great experience at night. To feel so free and sexy as a woman, so that you can flirt and dance...?! Within the community this experience is free.
An exclusive accompany service costs €59.- per hour.

Female Holiday with friends

If the day is ours I’m beside you like a girlfriend, with the proper recommendations.
Pamper yourself (excl. as shopping, theater, harbor cruise, neighborhood stroll, dining out costs).
I will make for you a perfect female day with makeup, dressing and a trip according to your wishes with 10 edited snapshots.
Takes about 6 hours, 259 Euro



An unbinding consultation
to start off with

To prepare for your wishes, we should communicate adequately per phone or other means. An unbinding consultation is always the beginning. It should offer you protection and security as well as to discover your options. Then I can create a guideline from your wishes. We will get to know each other and explore, as girlfriends, the beautiful city of Hamburg.